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Mental and psychiatric disorders

Mental and psychiatric disorders

Psychiatric disorders and how we can help — an overview of our support

There are times in life when things don't go the way they should or as we would like them to. What if such times become, or have become, an illness? Psychiatric disorders are not as uncommon in society as they used to be. But still there is often no support, or not even a place where no questions are asked—and where people will listen. Our services for people with psychiatric disorders and for their relatives aim to make everyday life a little bit easier—with professional experts who will listen, who will take the time, and who will give support wherever they can.

To take the time and listen — how we see it

People with a mental illness want contact—or, indeed, peace and quiet, depending on their condition and on how they feel at a given moment. We, the Diakonisches Werk Heidelberg (the social welfare organisation of the Protestant church in Heidelberg), do not just passively put ourselves at your disposal but actively offer professional help and support: with our social-psychiatric service [Sozialpsychiatrischer Dienst] providing advice and care within the Heidelberg area; with our day care centre for people with chronic psychiatric illness [Tagesstätte für psychisch Erkrankte]; and with HilDA, our help for dementia patients and their relatives [Hilfe für Demenzkranke und Angehörige]. Beyond our own services, we can provide useful addresses and contacts. No matter what kind of support we give you, you can be sure of two things: We take you and your condition seriously, and we take the time for you.

Detailed information on our services — what we offer

For more detailed information on how we can support and help you, please visit the corresponding sub-pages [in German].