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Offers for people in prostitution

Our offers

All our offers are appreciative, open-ended, free of charge and anonymous on request. We advise all gender identities. If necessary, we work together with interpreters.  

  • You need a medical examination?

    We support you in arranging appointments with different doctors, even if there is no health insurance and the costs cannot be borne. If you wish, we can accompany you to the examination.

  • You have legal questions?  
  • We inform you about the social and immigration law issues or the Prostitution Protection Act. Further we assist in filling out application documents and accompany you to authorities and offices.
  • You need a health insurance?
    We support you to apply for a health insurance.
  • You have personal issues?
    If you are not feeling well, have problems in your relationship or family, you experience discrimination and you are looking for someone to talk to – feel free to contact us.
  • You are pregnant?
    We will assist you during your pregnancy and afterwards. If it was unintentional we help your to make decisions. We support you in your concerns and answer your questions.
  • You have little money or debts?
    If you do not have the money for essentials, we can quickly offer advice and help you.
  • Do you have questions about safe working?
    We are happy to talk with you about all matters relating to sexuality, contraception, protection against disease and violence.
  • You want to take new paths?
    We help you to develop new career perspectives, to write applications, to find a new apartment or to attend a language course. You may also want to return to your home country, then contact us and we will find solutions with you.

Our expert conselling for people in prostitution is funded by the city of Heidelberg and the Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Integration of Baden-Württemberg.