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Diakonie for people in (urgent) need

Diakonie for people in (urgent) need — an overview of how we can help

Dealing with the authorities can be difficult at times, especially where personal, family, or even financial problems are behind the matter. If you are in financial difficulties, or facing social welfare law issues, or actually fighting for your livelihood—we will be by your side with our advice services on social welfare and on livelihood strategies. We will provide you with information, assistance and advice for the development of a sustainable concept for the future.

And when it comes to setting an example against poverty and marginalisation, you have us at the Diakonisches Werk (the social welfare organisation of the Protestant church in Heidelberg) to turn to: Right in the centre of Heidelberg, our “manna” Diakonie café offers coffee (and tea!), courses, cooking and communication—to meet up, exchange thoughts and ideas, prepare and share a meal, or to pass on valuable skills and knowledge in our free educational programme.

Advice on social welfare issues — how we see it

The advice service on social welfare [Sozialberatung] of the Diakonisches Werk Heidelberg and our advice service on livelihood strategies [Beratung zur Existenzsicherung] are designed for single people, families and senior citizens of Heidelberg who are in (urgent) social need, dealing with personal problems or suffering a family crisis.

Finding ways together — how to find out more

For more detailed information on how we can support and help you with our advice services on social welfare and on livelihood strategies, please visit the corresponding sub-pages [in German].