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“Informiert. Engagiert.”—Training for volunteer workers in refugee support service

We very much appreciate that so many people want to get involved and support our work—on a voluntary basis. We know: Volunteer engagement is a rewarding experience for everyone involved, but it can be challenging and sometimes stressful, too. This is why we have made it our mission not only to help migrants in need, but also to support our volunteers in their work. In co-operation with the Asylarbeitskreis Heidelberg e. V. (a volunteer NGO supporting refugees in Heidelberg), we organise information and training events on a regular basis.

Our goal — what we want to provide

Volunteer work for people who had to flee their home country includes a wide range of activities. We aim to

  • address the causes of flight and migration and to provide basic knowledge about these factors
  • explain important and often complex legal conditions of flight and forced migration
  • refer anyone involved to local contacts and agencies and to help establish a network of all parties involved
  • initiate individual support and to provide effective help wherever needed
  • pass on our knowledge and information to you—we gladly accept invitations from community action groups or other initiatives to talk about existing structures and help & support opportunities in Heidelberg

Our information and training events — what we offer

The information and training events for volunteer workers which we as the Diakonisches Werk Heidelberg (the social welfare organisation of the Protestant church in Heidelberg) offer focus on a wide range of aspects and issues.

We inform and talk about

  • networking
  • tasks and limitations of volunteer work in general
  • causes of flight and migration
  • stereotypes and prejudices
  • integration and inclusion
  • the local set-up
  • the legal framework
  • etc.

Also, we offer trainings on interculturality and on volunteer language tuition. In this way, support is provided not only to migrants, but to volunteers as well who gain valuable experience and knowledge. Please note that the language of all our trainings is German.

Upcoming trainings and events — what we've planned for the near future