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Are you pregnant and it was unintentional? Or are you facing unplanned fatherhood? — we help you make decisions, and more

Finding out changes everything: You are pregnant, unintentionally so, and need to make an important decision quickly. This is about you, about your partner, about everything—and it is about us. We are there for you, regardless of whether you want to have the baby or are considering having a termination.

Our goal — to build trust

We hold by the principle that the decision is yours. We are there to support, to act as a contact link, and to give information without trying to influence your decision in any way. Our advice service will invariably be non-directional and free of charge. Anything you discuss with our trained staff and sensitive advisors will be treated in confidence. Just let us know that you need advice and we'll give you an appointment at short notice—that's a promise! We know how getting advice early on can matter. We will also answer any questions you may have about contraception, and you can just as openly discuss with us the idea of placing the child for adoption or of giving birth without disclosing your identity (confidential birth).
Important for you to know: Our advice service is approved under German legislation [§ 219 StGB], and you will receive the legally required written confirmation that you have undergone pregnancy consultation. Pregnancy advice services are free of charge and we are bound by secrecy. Also, we will accept your wish to remain anonymous—just let us know.

Whether you want to have the baby or are considering a termination—we will inform you about your options and choices and support you in your decision.