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Volunteer work


Without others, we would be lost—“weil Menschen Menschen brauchen”, because people need people. We at the Diakonisches Werk Heidelberg (the social welfare organisation of the Protestant church in Heidelberg) are aware of this, and we advocate it. Our many services offer support for people in Heidelberg who need counsel, help or support, a piece of advice or simply someone to talk to.

Our volunteers — what we have to offer

This important work is done by trained permanent staff, together with more than 300 volunteers. If you would like to become part of our team and enrol as a volunteer for the Diakonisches Werk Heidelberg, please contact us! We will gladly show you where you can get involved and help you find out which kind of volunteer role would suit you and us best. And if your language is English or any other apart from German, you are just as welcome.

Like to know more? Please get in touch with us!