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Our children's holiday club "Kinderwelt Marienhütte"

Our children's holiday club “Kinderwelt Marienhütte”

Enjoying untroubled holidays, leaving your home behind during the day and returning to familiar surroundings at night—that's what our summer holiday programme at the children's holiday club “Kinderwelt Marienhütte” has to offer. Great for parents, even greater for kids: Transport to and from the premises in special buses is included. We know how challenging those weeks of summer holidays can be for parents: Keeping your kids engaged and active without school or day care to provide a break is not so easy… Marienhütte to the rescue! Surrounded by nature, your kids will be in the best of hands all day, enjoying the experience to be away from everyday life.

Our concept — a kids' world at “Kinderwelt Marienhütte”

“Away during the day, 'daheim' (home) for the night” is our holiday slogan. And “away” with Marienhütte, located above Heidelberg Castle, means both green and healthy surroundings and not too far to go. Once the bus has arrived, there's a whole day of fun holiday activities ahead for kids aged 6 to 11 years. Parents can sign up their children for one, two, or three weeks—and off they all will go! Into their own holiday world outside town during the day, to come back in the evening with loads to tell.

Our summer holiday programme — a rainbow of activities

Going outdoors, engaging in action games, exploring their creativity, trying their hands at new skills in a variety of workshops, and more: Supervised by qualified teams, children at our summer holiday club at “Kinderwelt Marienhütte” really get things moving and make a difference to life. And since fresh air makes you hungry, breakfast, a freshly cooked meal at lunchtime and an afternoon snack are provided.

Our overview — all important details at a glance

We can provide you with any further information you might need, so if you have any questions or queries, please let us know!

Our summer holiday program “Kinderwelt Marienhütte” at a glance:

  • Our summer holiday program is mainly designed for children living in Heidelberg, but children and young people from the Rhine-Neckar Region are also welcome.
  • Children holding a Heidelberg-Pass or Heidelberg-Pass+ (city concession cards for low-income families) may use their holiday voucher. For more information, see www.heidelberg.de/ferienangebote [in German]
  • You have the choice of signing up your child for one, two, or all three full weeks.
  • Fees for children living in Heidelberg are € 195 per week (€ 130 with a City of Heidelberg holiday voucher), children from outside Heidelberg pay an additional € 30 per week.
  • Fees cover three daily meals and transport by bus from and to one of two pick-up/drop-off points. Special buses depart from both of these meeting points at 8.30 am and 8.45 am. For individual transport, please drop off your child at Marienhütte between 8.30 and 9 am, pick-up is at 4.30 pm. Qualified supervision of children throughout the day is, of course, provided.
  • The programme includes planned activities and surprise outings, games and a wide range of arts & crafts and sports activities, as well as explorations of the forest close by. Also, children can choose from a wide range of workshops what they would most like to do.
  • Children will be divided into age groups, with groups mixing for the rest of the day.
  • The children will be supervised by motivated and pedagogically trained teams from the "Evangelischen Kinder- und Jugendwerk".
  • Application

Please note that we have already had to set up a waiting list due to the high number of registrations.