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Advice service for refugees

Our advice service for refugees aims to inform, advise, explain and help. It is for refugees and asylum seekers with their families in Heidelberg: Please contact us, we're looking forward to helping you.

Advice service for refugees — what we can do for you

We recommend you to make an appointment with us at the Diakonisches Werk Heidelberg (the social welfare agency of the Protestant church in Heidelberg). Together, we will best be able to find out what kind of support you need.

We can, for example,

  • provide you with information about the asylum seeking process and aliens' legislation—if necessary, we will arrange for an appointment with a legal service
  • provide you with information about your legal status and explain and clarify it
  • develop together with you perspectives for you to either stay in Germany or to return to your home country
  • help you deal with the authorities
  • advise, inform and support you if you have personal problems
  • refer you to further support options and contacts
  • bring children together—by organising and running weekend meets (children's camps) as well as projects for children and adolescents from both local and refugee families