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Immigration advice and information service for adults

Heidelberg has many adult immigrants, and their number is rising. For them and their families we have installed a service for advice and information about the many issues that may be on your mind. We will, for example, accompany you on your search for adequate child care, for employment, for accommodation, or when questions about naturalisation arise. We will also be by your side if you have difficulties with authorities, need assistance with claims and applications and with filling out the corresponding forms.
Please contact us: We at the Diakonisches Werk Heidelberg (the social welfare organisation of the Protestant church in Heidelberg) will either be there for you ourselves or refer you to the agency you need. Together, we will work for your personal goals, to find a solution if problems arise, and to answer your questions about everyday life.

Our service — who it is for

We are open to people from all countries, regardless of your origin, beliefs and religion, age, gender and the language you speak.

Our immigration advice service addresses adult immigrants and their families who

  • have been living in the Federal Republic of Germany for less than three years
  • have been living in Germany for more than three years and find themselves in a crisis situation
  • belong to the group of adult ethnic German repatriates in Heidelberg who have come from the successor states of the former USSR and other Eastern European states

Our service — what we can do for you

Our advice service for adult immigrants is voluntary, confidential and free of charge. We will provide you with advice and information based on expert knowledge and experience on the following topics:

  • Residence—legal advice on issues such as residence, naturalisation, or citizenship
  • Language—information on available language courses and “integration courses” (courses about life in Germany, its history, culture, legal system etc.)
  • Work—if you have any questions about professional training and education or how to find work, about the recognition of professional qualifications, or about unemployment
  • Finance—advice on matters of your economic situation and information about available state benefits and financial support charities
  • Family & Children—if you have any questions about pregnancy, child care, nursery and pre-school, schooling, or generally about family issues
  • Accommodation—if, for example, you are looking for accommodation
  • Health & Mobility—information and advice about health and long-term care insurance, medical care, pregnancy, or generally about your health
  • Leisure & Getting Involved—volunteering opportunities, ways to spend your leisure time and meet people